Sunday, 27 April 2014

Lush Cupcake face mask

Lush Cupcake face mask - Let me start by saying I don't have perfect skin. It's very combination. Breaking out really bad in some areas, very dry in others and it changes each season. On top of that I have sensitive skin. So I'm pretty reluctant in trying new products in fear of my skin reacting. 

I'm a HUGE fan of lush and I love that their products are vegan. When I saw this in the store I was pretty reluctant as I thought it looked a bit gimmicky. I suspected it would smell wonderful, look cute but work horribly. It promised to remove oils from your face and clear break outs. Pfft, unlikely I thought.

A friend recommended it to me so in a shopping impulse I bought this and an oat mask from Lush. 
As a side note the oat one smelt like cookies but made no difference what so ever to my skin.

The mask was pretty pricey, expires quickly and must be kept in the fridge so it doesn't go off. It's amazing. It has some pretty average reviews online but I've repurchased this face mask several times since discovering it because it works so well for me. I notice my skin clearing up and also the over all quality is soft and clean. It really fixes my dry patches too.
It's not a miracle mask of course. If I've eaten bad food it's likely I'll still get a blemish but it definitely controls the break outs. My boyfriend compliments me on how beautiful my skin is every time I've used it. 

It sort of smells like cupcakes I guess but not in the sponge like vanilla way (beautiful describing words, I know). More of a chocolate-peppermint way.

Also, I checked on the Lush website and they say it's supposed to nourish dry skin as well as calm break outs. So it's not a random coincidence. I completely recommend this mask and it's always nice to pamper yourself.
Enjoy this embarrassing photo of me in a mask :)


  1. I need to try this stuff because I love everything cupcake. I always get distracted when I go to Lush by all the beautiful bath bombs.